“A very remarkable people, the Zulu.
They defeat our generals, they convert
our bishops, and they have sealed the
fate of a great European Dynasty."



Tour reference HBSB03

R 350.00 per person 31st August 2011

Departure time for this outride would be 2pm in the winter months while summer departure will be around 3.30pm. The sunsets at the top of Sinqindi Mountain are spectacular and well worth observing while you enjoy your sundowner. The Kingdom of the Zulu lies spread before you and the views from this outlook post stretch as far as 80km’s into the distance. Return to the Lodge just after sunset to enjoy your dinner – and depending on the season this will either be outside with a roaring bonfire going or tucked in warm in our lounge and dining room.

This activity can be undertaken by persons who are not necessarily riding fit. However, should you have not ever ridden a horse then we would recommend arriving a day before planning an outride when you can be shown the ropes in the stableyard and lunge ring before venturing out. You will be required to sign an indemnity and we are able to supply helmets if you do not have your own.