“A very remarkable people, the Zulu.
They defeat our generals, they convert
our bishops, and they have sealed the
fate of a great European Dynasty."

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Tour reference HBSB02

R 300.00 per person, 31 August 2011

Depending on the season, this will either be a 5am or 6am departure so that you can catch that magical early morning light. In the summer it will be cool and refreshing while in the winter it will be bracing. Enjoy your early morning coffee while surveying the world below. Return to the Lodge 3 hours later for a hearty breakfast.

This activity can be undertaken by persons who are not necessarily riding fit. However, should you have not ever ridden a horse, we would recommend arriving a day before planning an outride so that you can be shown the ropes in the stable yard and lunge ring before venturing out. You will be required to sign an indemnity form and we will supply helmets if you do not have your own.