“A very remarkable people, the Zulu.
They defeat our generals, they convert
our bishops, and they have sealed the
fate of a great European Dynasty."



Tour reference HBIS01

R 1200.00 per person till 31st August 2011

This must be the ultimate experience! Following in the footsteps of the advancing British Army relentlessly making their way to Isandlwana only to meet with resounding defeat at the hands of the Zulu Impi. Experience the open plains of Zululand, the sun beating down on your head and the reality of only you and your horse...

Our experienced team headed by Gareth Maré will guide you across Zululand to Isandlwana and back to the Lodge at Rorke’s Drift. The party will leave the Lodge at 8am and by midday you will have forged your way across the Buffalo River and into Zululand to the foot of Isandlwana. There you will take a break, have lunch and rest your steed. Then you will make your way back to the Lodge and home safe by 5pm.

Rates include a picnic lunch.

This activity can only be undertaken by riding fit persons who will be required to sign an indemnity declaring their level of fitness. Proof of travel insurance with medical cover is required. Suggest you bring along helmet, chap, boots etc for personal experience. (Helmets can be supplied if required)