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Rorke’s Drift Lodge is located in a very secluded spot in kwaZulu-Natal and as such, access to the Lodge is along a farm track of 5kms after a drive of 21kms on dirt road. This seclusion allows our guests the freedom to enjoy our little bit of Africa in safety, where the vistas can be absorbed and the soul can find peace. We therefore advise guests who are travelling in hired vehicles to keep this in mind.

The very spacious grounds of Rorke’s Drift Lodge allow our guests the opportunity to relax and enjoy their African adventure. In order that guests can be entertained for the least effort on their part, we have put together some exciting activities which can be viewed on the What you can do page. Many of our guests have left here feeling that they came as a visitor and left as a friend. We INVITE YOU to become part of our Rorke’s Drift Lodge family and look forward to meeting you.