Amongst them was the Battle of Talana, the Battle of Elandslaagte and the Battle of Spionkop. Boer history is cemented in the Battle of Blood River and the site of this Boer Zulu conflict lies only kilometres from Rorke’s Drift. In more modern times the site of Rorke’s Drift has become the home to the ELC Art and Craft Centre where during the deep, dark days of apartheid black art students came to study and the legacy now is a carpet weaving factory, pottery and printing works where the emphasis is on ART. Intersperse this with the rolling plains of Africa where the Paperbark tree, animals and birds abound and the Southern Cross and Milky Way shine down and you have the recipe for an experience that will live with you forever. For a superior travel experience and accommodation you simply must visit Rorke’s Drift and Rorke’s Drift Lodge.    Back

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