Our Anglo Zulu War book list & library

ZULU. Isandlwana & Rorke’s Drift 22-23 January 1879 Ian Knight
Great Zulu Battles 1838 – 1906. Ian Knight
Isandlwana: Zulu War. Ian Knight & Ian Castle
Rorke's Drift: Zulu War. Ian Knight & Ian Castle
Zulu War. Ian Knight
The washing of the spears. Donald R. Morrison
The Road to Isandlwana. Philip Gon
The Zulu War 1879. Graeme Smythe & John St.C.Whittall (reprint)
What really happened at Rorke’s Drift. Pat Rundren
Guidebook to the Anglo-Zulu War Battlefields. David Rattray
Moodie’s Zulu War. D.C.F.Moodie (reprint)
The Zulu Campaign. Major Ashes & Captain E.V.Wyatt-Edgell (reprint)
Ploughshare of war. The origins of the Anglo-Zulu War 1879 by Richard Cope
Rope of Sand. The rise and fall of the Zulu Kingdom in the 19th century by John Laband
Kingdom in crisis. The Zulu response to the British invasion of 1879 by John Laband
Zulu Victory. Ron Lock & Peter Quantrill
Zulu Vanquished. Ron Lock & Peter Quantrill
Rorke’s Drift. Adrian Greaves
The Horns of the Buffalo. John Wilcox
The Zulu War. Michael Barthrop
Isandlwana. Adrian Greaves
Isandlwana 1879. Ian Becket