Bird list...two day spotting...December 2003

Serious birders need to take note that although we have many species of birds the numbers are not as prolific as at other destinations

1560 Greywing Francolin 35120 Tawny Eagle55120 Fiscal Shrike67380 Cape Glossy Starling82230 Scarletchested Sunbird
1700 Natal Francolin33620 Cape Vulture57610 Pied Crow67560 Plumcoloured Starling82700 Malachite Sunbird
3050 Helmeted Guineafowl33381 Yellowbilled Kite57650 Whitenecked Raven67860 Indian Myna82760 Purplebanded Sunbird
5360 Redthroated Wryneck24130 Freckled Nightjar58560 Blackheaded Oriole68080 Redbilled Oxpecker83370 Southern Greyheaded Sparrow
8070 Blackcollared Barbet21340 Grey Lourie 59280 Black Cuckooshrike70780 Eurasian Swallow83620 Cape Wagtail
8140 Crested Barbet21310 Purplecrested Lourie59930 Forktailed Drongo70930 Greater Striped Swallow83800 Grassveld Pipit
9710 Trumpeter Hornbill35220 Black Eagle60310 Paradise Flycatcher71250 Black Sawwing Swallow84610 Cape Weaver
9820 African Hoopoe35300 Martial Eagle61170 Brubru71520 Blackeyed Bulbul84760 Masked Weaver
9830 Redbilled Woodhoopoe35450 Secretarybird61490 Bokmakierie73040 Croaking Cisticola85450 Redcollared Widow
11830 Speckled Mousebird37020 Blackheaded Heron63450 Kurrichane Thrush73850 Greenbacked Bleating Warbler85480 Longtailed Widow
11990 Redchested Cuckoo37110 Cattle Egret65750 Cape Robin74010 Cape White-eye85860 African Firefinch
12000 Black Cuckoo37490 Hamerkop66520 Buffstreaked Chat75420 Grassbird87060 Paradise Whydah
12320 Klaas's Cuckoo37670 Hadeda Ibis66910 Mocking Chat76560 Willow Warbler87310 Blackthroated Canary
12340 Diederik Cuckoo37720 Bald Ibis67260 Redwinged Starling82210 Black Sunbird